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Moore Products Co

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Pneumatic instruments only
Availability Type Moore Products
By Siemens

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Regulators 41: 1/8 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 90-A
40: 1/4 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 100-BA
40H:1/4 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BC
42: 1/2 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BD
42H: 1/2 in FNPT: 100 SCFM 700-DF
Filter Regulator 91-HF 335-BA
Relays 6iH, 61L, 61F & 610 1:1 3015 psig flow volume Booster 200-BC
66BA2 Amplifying 1:2 600-BB
66BA3 Amplifying 1:3 600-BC
66BA6 Amplifying 1:6 600BD
" Transducers 77 I/P 500-ACW or 900-ACA
Obsolete Pressure Limiting 58L low Limit 100BAT&71H
Pressure Limiting 58H high limit 100BAT&71-Lo
Pressure selecting 58S High-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 58SH high-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 612 low press select 71-Lo
" Side Mount Positioner 72 CA20
773D Din Mt 900-AC
773F Field Mt 950XP-AC

 Type 90 - Miniature  Accurate pressure regulation in a compact, lightweight package

  Type 100 -  accurate, stable and dependable pressure regulator

   Type 100M - Motorized Air Pressure Regulator; control by use of an electronic signal

    Type 300 Series - Instrument Air Filter and Filter Regulator;  310 NACE compliant.

     Type 330/340 Series - Instrument Airset and Air Regulator; Field rugged.

      Type 350/360/370SS Series - Stainless Steel Regulators and Filters.

         Type 380/390 - Large Capacity Stainless Steel Filter Regulators & Regulators

        Type 3500 - High Pressure Regulator; Accurate and reliable first cut pressure regulator

         Type 400 - General Service economical Pressure Regulator for industrial processed.

          Type 700 - High Flow Capacity Accurate Air Pressure Regulator.

           Type 700BP - Precision Back Pressure Regulator.

            Type 800 - Sub-miniature Precision Air Regulator where space is limited.

             Type 850/860/870 - Miniature Air, Water or Potable Water Pressure Regulator

Replacement for Moore Products Co Mini Loading Station Model 521 & 522
Replacements for
Moore Products
Co. 524 
Replacement for
Control M/P Station Model 524

Replacement for Moore Products Model 781P6 P/E Transducer
Operating in Nuclear Power Plant