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Replacement forMoore Products obsolete

521K, 522K Mini Loading Stations

Production Stations are in process for first order from Duke Energy for replacing the obsolete Moore Products Co 521K (single gauge) and 522K (duplex Gauge) pneumatic Mini Loading Stations.



The 522K (above) was used to operate a pneumatic control valve and the second gauge was assigned to indicate a remote pneumatic signal

 The 512K (single Gauge)  was used to manually operate (open/close) pneumatic control valves.

The designations for the replacement loading stations are

HIK-512 for the MPC 521K

HIK-522 for the MPC 522K


The replacement stations were contracted by Duke Energy, designed by Cliff Johnson, PE, Control Systems Engineer and assembled and sold by TRUgegra, a local integration firm in Charlotte NC

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The model YK-315-6X6 has been designed to replace the Moore Products obsolete model 524A48P
Nullmatic M/P Control Station.

The YK-315-6X6 is an integration of pneumatic and electronic components that are readily available and warranted for one year by the individual component manufacturer:

The model YK-315-6X6 Loading Transfer Station is a pneumatic Manual Loading Station that provides a 3-15 psig (0.206-1.03 Bar) output. It has a transfer switch on the face of the station to select ether of two modes of control: Auto or Man.
The Loading/transfer Station combines an adjustable pneumatic air regulator, a pneumatic transfer switch, (2) Pressure/current (P/I) transducers, and an electronic bar graph display that replaces the obsolete Moore Products 524A48P duplex pressure gauge.

  During both modes of control, the pneumatic output of the station's pneumatic regulator is connected to the station's output.
In Auto control, a locally adjusted bias is applied to the station input by the regulator.

 The control modes are isolated from each other so only the selected mode provides control; the other cannot override or alter the station's output.  Two pressure to current transducers convert the pneumatic signals to 4-20mA signals for displaying on the electronic bar graph read out. The bar graph displays the station input and the regulator pneumatic output at all times.