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Updated 03/17/2023
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Bubbler Jar now available
for low air flow relays
Model 62 & 63

Bubbler Bottle

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We offer services for refurbishing obsolete Moore Products pressure controls and gauges upto 100 PSIG.
We represent ControlAir, they offer several devices that  can replace the Moore Products obsolete Instruments.

Pneumatic instruments only
Availability Type Moore Products
By Siemens

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Regulators 41: 1/8 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 90-A
40: 1/4 in FNPT: 9 SCFM 100-BA
40H:1/4 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BC
42: 1/2 in FNPT: 36 SCFM 700-BD
42H: 1/2 in FNPT: 100 SCFM 700-DF
Filter Regulator 91-HF FA 12
Relays 6iH, 61L, 61F & 610 1:1 3015 psig flow volume Booster 200-BC
66BA2 Amplifying 1:2 600-BB
66BA3 Amplifying 1:3 600-BC
66BA6 Amplifying 1:6 600BD
" I/P Transducers 77 or 771 I/P 959XP-ACN
Obsolete Pressure Limiting 58L low Limit 100BAT&71H
Pressure Limiting 58H high limit 100BAT&71-Low
Pressure selecting 58S High-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 58SH high-Press. Select 71-HI
Pressure selecting 612 low press select 71-HI
"Pressure Gauges 2X6"51V & 52V vertical indicatorsCTJohnson
" Positioner
Valve or piston
72 (valve) or
750 (valve) and piston
I/P transducer 773D Din Mt 900-AC
I/P transducer 773F Field Mt 959XP-ACN
  Replacement for Moore Products Co Mini Loading Station Model 521 & 522
Replacements for
Moore Products
Co. 524 

New for 2022
REPLACEMENT for Moore Products CO
2X6" Vertical 51V & 52 V
replacement 51V
A new bracket and mounting plate are required to make the conversion. Range: 3-15 PSIG
Texmate Leopard
segment bargraph
with a
4-digit LED digital display
for monitoring, measurement
and control applications mounted in a 24x96mm case.