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Cat 5 Extender


The 110VDSLEXT VDSL Ethernet extender kit lets you span a 10/100 network over extremely long distances (up to 1km) while still maintaining high-speed network connectivity, allowing you to run the connection over standard RJ45 cabling, existing RJ11 phone lines, or any other set of single pair wires. The VDSL (VDSL2) kit is simple to install and provides an out-of-the-box solution as both the Ethernet-VDSL extender and receiver units are included.

Industrial applications include controlling CNC machinery, polling bar code scanner data, administering process control equipment, and other harsh environment applications.

Monitor and control medical equipment, security keypads/card scanners, point of sale equipment and remote sensor data, and various other healthcare related network communications.

A perfect solution for a broad range of applications including connecting isolated user stations within the same building or between separate buildings, or overcoming infrastructure obstacles and distances (e.g. older stone/concrete architecture) where new wiring or wireless may be impossible. 

The VDSL Ethernet LAN Extender kit helps to eliminate expense by allowing video streaming and data to share the same telephone pair without interference.

ConXit Connection Wizard
Ever have a problem getting two Devices to communicate with one another, well it happens more often than you may think. Startech has offered a unique method to solve the problem. If you go to there website they have set up a wizard that will Identify, find and get the connectivity part you need in two easy steps….

Go to their ConXit Connection Wizard, then select the “FROM” connection for a drop down listing that offers a primary list like “video”, then a drop down list of video connections like “HMDI” now you got to a similar selection using drop down lists for the video connection you need to connect to like “VGA” when you have made both the from and to selections this pade will show you the connectors that Startech offers to solve the problem along with the cost.

I actually did purchase a connector based on the example above.

Today I run into many cases where the ConXit wizard has saved me the time of searching for the correct connection adapter.

Try it


Wall, Ceiling: Tilting Full-Motion Articulating

Security: There are several TV mounting solutions equipped with anti-theft features to ensure mounted TV stay safe and secure while on display. Protect your investment in areas with high traffic and minimal supervision with TV mounts that feature heavy-duty steel bars that can be locked into place.

TV Mount

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monitor/tablet Table mounts

Table mounts