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 C T Johnson, Inc was established in 1984 to provide industrial computers for SCADA Control systems, also  Instrumentation engineering, design and service to commercial and industrial firms in both Carolinas.
Since I am officially retired my daughter, Meg Johnson-Thompson, has been made President and continues the business from Charlotte, NC.
C T Johnson, Inc is an approved government supplier.

I am still doing some Control Systems Engineering from my home, and develop websites.

I have been developing websites for Instrument professionals for several years. I am switching from Microsoft FrontPage to WEB EASY PRO, which has many templates for quickly setting up a site. I set up shopping carts with SHOP FACTORY,  it is better than most I have looked at. To review some of my efforts go to 

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Equivalent replacement for obsolete Moore Products instruments

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I am presently the Web Master, Newsletter Ed. and liaison to NCBELS for the local ISA (International Society for Automation) Carolina Piedmont Section.

There are six courses on PDHonline that I authored for Professional Instrument Engineers.

In my spare time I setup and maintain several websites and build/fix computers.

I am an American

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The PC Club of Charlotte

has been around for many years and is still very active. Check it out!


  We Include Linux Now

Ubuntu 14.4 is the Most Popular

Mint looks and acts like Windows 7

4 best Linux desktops Presentation before the PC Club of Charlotte 7/14/2011

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